Our First Journey


As of today, we are 3 months working on this project (without brainstorming and preparatory work) and what a journey this has already been. It all started when one of the CEO`s Charlie was attending a network event in the beautiful city of Mechelen called The PRIM. He was scouting for clients or potential investors for his project, where he has been working on with other CEO`s Dylan Bloomer and Alexander Neve.

Then the stars aligned in the right way and Charlie bumped into a well known investor in Mechelen called Wim Voss. CEO of 25th Group, former CEO of New World and investor in 20+ companies. The energy between Wim and Charlie immediately matched and they book an appointment without telling each other too much about their business.

They set up a meeting for that following week and Charlie and Dylan came prepared, with stacks of knowledge and an unique idea. They sit down in his beautiful garden in the middle of Mechelen City and pitched their company.

The worlds most high-end, well isolated, ice bath combined with rare additional feature, mainly infrared therapy. Fully customizable in every colour and wood combination you like. Reaching incredible cold temperatures between 0-1 degrees Celsius. A perfect replacement for the not so aesthetically pleasing tanks on the market that mostly reach 5-6 degrees Celsius.

In the middle of our extended explanation Wim made a jump of joy and was telling us that he was looking for us. He was working on his next big project in Marbella for a fully organic lifestyle retreat and wellness centre on an exclusive location in the magical mountains of La Mairena. The whole centre is being constructed as we speak, how ever he missed one very Important object, an ice bath. This was literally no where to be found in Europe`s hotspot, Marbella.

He offered to be a mentor on the project and guide us through every process we are going to face. He also proposed to market and launch our ice baths via his beautiful location in the south coast of Spain with the opportunity to have an experience centre to invite international clients.

"This was a dream come true. We played in cool during the meeting, but when we left the meeting Dylan and I looked at each other and were excited as little kids!" Charlie said. They went back home and hasn`t stop working since.

Wim was so kind to offer the boys a warehouse fully equipped with tools and the necessities to start building. The following week, Alexander, Dylan and Charlie started developing. After a month they finished their first prototype.

They stay in touch with Wim during the time and they decide to plan a visit to Marbella to get a feeling of the magical location. As a surprise, the founders wanted to bring the prototype to the mountains of Spain and this was a whole adventure on his own. From borrowing a car with a towbar (which apparently is really difficult) to renting a trailer. We travelled a total of 5.000km (!) to deliver our first product. This was equivalent to a 52 hour trip with a combined 6 hour sleep.

Once arrived on huge domain in Marbella, the first hurdle came in our way. The location where our prototype had to be placed, was an extremely difficult spot to reach. We tried with 7 people to lift the ice bath but due to a slope and bushes in the way this was an impossible task. We had to hire a crane to lift it and put in into position. We literally saw our bath flying! This was really cool. Everything went well after a beautiful synchronized teamwork and the bath was in place!

When the bath was on the desired location, we did some finishing touches and detailing and voila, our first prototype was in place and ready greet our first experiencers. Dylan was smart enough to prospect and connect local influencers in the area of Marbella during our trip to Spain and invited several people to our experience centre.

We had the honour to meet amazing people and influencers to start marketing our product and spread the word that there is a new sheriff in town and ready to take over Europe`s ice bathing theraphy market. We are more then excited to built this project to a globally impactful movement with the BioHackers Community.

You will see a lot more from us!