About us :


Charlie Trebus

Six years of devotion towards the connection between mind body and soul.  Multiple seminars and lectures given in the realm of personal development. A passionate iceman and co-creator of the company Biohackers. With a widely spread network he mainly focus on the buisness, communication B2B and B2C and financial aspects.


Dylan Bloomer

A passionate and innovative product developer who's focussed on techonogy enhancing the human body. By competing in jiujitsu toernaments as well ass mma competiotions he tries to push himself and his body to the limits, he truely embodies the spirit of Biohackers. As CEO of the company he wil represent the development of the technology and the supply chain.


Alexander Neve

A driven person with a strong character who dares to push boundaries and is also open to new challenges. While he is new to ice bathing therapy, he is certainly not afraid of the cold! He will be responsible for the commercial strategy and development of BioHackers. He will concern himself with the communication between designers, distributeurs, etc. 

Our mission:

As a company we want to form the bridge between the known theraphy in the elite athlete world, to the more consumer and commercial world. 

We realised that delibirate cold exposure is healthy for everyone and not just the athletes. Our mission is to spread this in to the world and share all the benefits that comes with it. Todays day, we collectively realize how important overall health is and that we should act.

What makes us unique?

Our services are originated by the recognition that many elite athletes preached about the benifits of cold exposure.

It helps with recovery after a hard work-out and improve performances. Hand in hand goes many studies that have been proven by the original iceman Wim Hof. His extensive research and outcomes are getting more traction globally. 

In this manner you can warm up after the cold and benefit from all the advantages. This IR plate warms up to approximately 60 °C and penetrates deep into the skin and bones to heat you up from the inside.

He proofed that getting in contact with delibirate cold exposure, you can improve in many important factors. Mainly, your immume system, cardiovascular system, fat burning, sleep quality, mood enhancher and many more. Specifically in the degrees between the range of 0.5-2 degrees Celsius.                   

We are developing and ice bath that consistantly keeps the water between this sweet spot (0.5-2°C). For this reason, ice can naturally form and keep the water on temperature. By keeping the water this cold it will increase your naturaly endorfine and dopamine production with 300%, your natural mood enhanchers. 

For just 1 minute per day, you can improve mental, physical and spiritual health. But don't worry, if we go one step further, we won't be BioHackers. We developed a novel concept in which you can combine cold therapy with more experienced infrared therapy. A separate built-in plate for warming up before or after your ice bath.

By using short-medium infrared waves, you can warm up in a matter of seconds after taking a cold bath. The plate heats up to about 60°C and penetrates deep into the skin and bones, causing you to warm up from the inside out.